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Don Knezick


Foggy Bottom Tree Farm was founded in 2019 by longtime nurseryman and Rutgers University graduate Don Knezick. All of us at Foggy Bottom Tree Farm are proud to be partnering with Rutgers Professor, Dr. Thomas Molnar to supply hazelnuts for nut orchards in New Jersey and the surrounding states. Typically, hazelnuts grown in the East are susceptible to a devastating disease called Eastern Filbert Blight. After many years of research, Dr. Molnar and his team have introduced four disease resistant hazelnut clones – “Monmouth”, “Raritan”, “Somerset” and “Hunterdon”. These highly productive hazelnuts will be the foundation of a hazelnut industry in the mid-Atlantic states. Foggy Bottom Tree Farm is honored to be the first nursery licensed in this region to offer Rutgers’ hazelnuts. The inaugural crop of a few thousand saplings is expected to be ready in the Fall 2020. You can find more information about the Rutgers varieties of Hazelnuts and Dr. Molnar's research here:

Rutgers Hazelnut Update




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